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Why start TWTR?

by Jessica Nusbaum- President & Founder of TWTR

June 30, 2018

Every time I am asked this question, my answer is always "Why not?" If we have the ability to help animals and make a difference in their lives, then why not. Sadly, there is evil in this world that no animal should have to endure. Every small gesture makes a huge difference and my only wish is that others start to feel the same way. I have been in rescue over 10 years and starting a non profit just seemed right. Operating a rescue is not easy but very rewarding. No matter how small we are, I will never regret starting Tails within Texas Rescue.

Why choose adoption?

by Bethany Herman- adopted from TWTR

May 30, 2018

Chato was the missing puzzle piece for my family. He moved through a few different homes after being placed for adoption and has had a hard time adjusting to new places. Our family has had him for almost a year and he has found his forever family and home with us. Thankfully, Jessica and Tails Within Texas Rescue helped us find this sweet boy. We had to go through an extensive vetting process including a home visit and periodic check ins within the first 6 months before we were able to consider him “ours”. Since our family fully adopted him, Chato has adapted extremely well and wants to be a lap dog even though he weighs almost 100 lbs. Our dachshund/beagle mix that we already had absolutely loved his new brother and they have become the best of friends and sleep on their shared sofa together every night. Tails Within Texas helped us to complete our family and we will be forever grateful that they opened the door for us to provide a home for a dog that just wanted to be loved. 

Why is rescue important to you?

by Amanda Madary- VP & Secretary of TWTR

April 30, 2018

Being involved in rescue is an amazing opportunity. It gives you the chance to save the life of two animals at the same time. If you adopt or foster a dog in rescue you open that spot up for the rescue to bring in another animal. It is an amazing feeling when you get to bring an animal into your house and either adopt them, or foster them. You get to shape that animal into someone that anybody would want to own. In my life, I have fostered and adopted three animals, and they have each completed my life. #rescuesaveslives

Our Blog

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How did you get into rescue?

Why did you adopt special needs dogs?

What is it like taking professional pictures with dogs?

by Moxy Walker- Visions Photography

July 30, 2018

Taking photographs of dogs is a double blessing for me. Being a photographer and a dog owner/lover, it blends two things dear to my heart together for a very special cause. It has been an honor being apart of the TWTR 2019 Calendar. Best wishes to all and wishing happy homes for all of our four legged friends.