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5 reasons why you should ADOPT

#1. You save a life.

#2. It helps end homelessness

#3. Their love is unconditional.

#4. You find the right companion for your lifestyle.

#5. Your pet comes fully vaccinated, micro chipped and altered.

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5 reasons why you should FOSTER

#1. Fostering increases an animal's chance of getting adopted.

#2. Fostering is temporary.

#3. Fostering keeps animals out of the shelter or off the streets.

#4. You are saving a life.

#5. Your foster will learn more social skills.

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Volunteer Mission:

ENHANCE the quality of life of orphaned animals.

ENRICH the lives of our volunteers through meaningful work.

EDUCATE the community about responsible care of and kindness to animals.

Are you unable to foster but want to help make a difference? Your dedicated time is important to us. 

Work directly with animals: 

attend adoption events, bathing, walking, group play, transport and/or labor work. 

Unable to make it onsite?

blogging, grant writing, lead volunteer, lead foster, create videos, assist in fundraising, network on social media and bring in donations.

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Ready to Adopt? 

*meet & greet

*adoption donation

*we highly recommend weekend sleepovers

*MUST BE 18+ years old 

or email us at

[email protected]

What's included in your adoption:  

* current on ALL vaccines

*micro chip (which will be switched into your name)

*current on heartworm preventative (proof of heartworm negative test)

*spayed or neutered

*a few days worth of food that we are currently feeding to ensure an easy transition

*a copy of all records

Preparing for your new family member

(Here is a checklist of items you will need before bringing your dog or puppy home)

*food & water bowls

*leash & in some cases a harness

*food & treats

*chew toys,  appropriate to size and age

*crate or kennel (helps keep dogs safe & out of trouble while you are away from home

*dog bed, blankets or towels to provide your dog a comfortable place to sleep

*puppy pads, newspaper or old sheets (for puppies)

For the first few weeks after bringing your dog home:

*do not leave your dog unattended in your yard.

*frequent potty trips to help get your dog on a regular schedule & it is possible you can experience some accidents in the house.

*your dog can experience separation anxiety (try to understand what they are going through).

*possible chewing, especially puppies (be sure to pick up important items).

*we highly recommend crate training to give your dog a safe place during their transition.

After your adoption:

We are still here for you and your newest family member from day 1 to 20 years later. If you have ANY questions, do not hesitate to call us. If at any point you are unable to keep your dog (that you adopted through Tails within Texas) we REQUIRE you to return them back to us. We want to ensure the BEST for our dogs! 

Happy Adoption!